How to Wash and Take Care of Your Shapewear?

Get the best results from your shapers by extending their life.

Once you have some quality shapewear garments rotating through your wardrobe, you’ll wonder how you ever dressed without them. But if you don’t take proper care of them, you may be disappointed to find they start losing their shape and effectiveness.

To get the longest, most effective use out of your shaping garments, make sure you know how to wash your shapewear and how to wear it properly. Just follow these simple tips:

- The best solution to keep your shapewear functioning day after day is to rotate several pieces through your wardrobe! Not only will you always look great, but you’ll feel fresh and clean when you’re regularly washing all of your shapers.

- Your shapewear also needs regular gentle washing to help the materials contract. Avoid wearing the same shaper more than twice before washing for best results.

- Be especially mindful of caring for latex, which can be damaged easily. Always hand-wash in a bucket of warm water, using a mild shampoo or baby shampoo. Rinse well and hang dry. Once it is completely dry, store it in a dark area.

- You can wash your shapewear in a washing machine, but make sure it’s a gentle cycle, like the one you usually use for cashmere or silk. If you can, try to hand wash it every now and then - it’ll last longer!

- There’s an awesome invention called “wash bags”. These are mesh bags used for laundry lingerie and delicate clothes and they are perfect for washing your shapewear too. Just make sure to not wash your shapewear along with bras with hooks and clasps.

- It’s also important to use the right type of detergent. Specially formulated lingerie detergent works best – any detergents that contain dyes, fragrances, alcohol, softeners or bleach can irreparably damage your shapers by breaking down their construction. Even Woolite can do harm, so stick to lingerie detergent only! Remember to use mild shampoo or baby shampoo for all garments containing latex.

- If you’re hand-washing, rinse cold. If you’re not, go for the lower temperature setting in your washer. Try to avoid centrifuging. This will restore the garment’s shape and elasticity.

- So NOT twist it to remove excess water. Please!

- Finally, always air-dry your shapers flat or hanging.



Make them last!

With the right wear and care, your shapers will give you the comfort and performance you want through many uses. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or contact us with any more questions about proper care for your shapewear.